Healthy Reasons

Stay Healthy After a Heart Attack with Cardiac Rehab
After a person has a heart attack or after a major cardiac procedure, cardiac rehabilitation (rehab) is an important part of the recovery process.
Vascular disease is any abnormal blockage of the blood vessels. Many people suffer from vascular disease and don’t know it. People who are at
The most common question patients who have been diagnosed with epilepsy ask is, “Why did this happen to me?” There are many causes such as a genetic
COVID, disrupted sleep
The stress of living through the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting many people’s sleep. The disruption of people’s schedules, plus the worry over health
The stress and anxiety caused by the COVID-19 pandemic often can seem overwhelming. Michael Levy, MD, a psychiatrist with Highland Medical, P.C.,
Dr. Michal Tracz of Montefiore Nyack Hospital and Highland Medical, P.C., Rockland Renal Associates held a Town Hall to answer patient questions
Continuous Glucose Monitors Reduce Number of Finger Sticks While Improving HealthNew technology is allowing people with diabetes to reduce the number
Women undergoing breast cancer surgery today can be treated with advanced techniques that remove the cancer while preserving the physical appearance
Women with genetic mutations that put them at increased risk for breast cancer should have more frequent breast cancer screening, to increase the
Vertigo, or a sense of spinning, is often caused by an inner ear problem. In many cases, a treatment that involves having a doctor move the head and