Healthy Reasons

Gift of Health
Give yourself the gift of health this year. Pick a few changes to make and stick with them, and you’ll see benefits to your health that can last a
November 22, 2017: Representatives from Nyack Hospital will be hosting a public informational meeting about the Hospital’s Care Transformation
Mohini Gurme, MD
Diabetic nerve damage, or neuropathy, is a common and serious complication of diabetes that most often affects the feet. You can often prevent
Charles O’Dowd, MD
If you are 65 or older, there are three vaccines you need to protect you against influenza, pneumococcal disease and shingles.“At this time of year,
Ephraim Resnik, MD, FACS, FACOG, from Highland Medical, P.C., Gynecologic Oncology practice is featured in the latest issue of MD News. Click here to
Andrew Erian, MD
People diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease often assume that nothing can be done to help them. Andrew Erian, MD, a neurologist with Rockland
John J. Fitzpatrick, MD
By John J. Fitzpatrick, MD: I often have patients tell me, “It isn’t easy getting old,” or “Getting old is not for the weak.” Yet I know these
August 7, 2017: Deborah Nunziato-Ghobashy, DO, primary care physician with Highland Medical, P.C., Family Practice Associates of Rockland in Valley
Most mothers in the United States want to breastfeed and try to do so, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. By six months, a
As you enjoy being outdoors this summer, take some simple steps to prevent common health problems that often accompany the warm weather. Lyme disease